ARAKSHA APP ; Digital Breakthrough in School Children Transport Service in Sri Lanka

A much awaited App to take the worries away from the parents of school children has been invented by Sensus Hub Pvt Ltd in consultation with the All Island School Children Transport Association (AISCTA). This App was officially launched on last Sunday (19 July 2020) at a Ceremony held at Imakro Reception Hall, Bandaragama attended by AISCTA members, Sensus Hub Directors / Officials / Developers, School Teachers, Principals, Parents, DFCC Bank / Allianz Insurance Officials and well-wishers. From Left – Dulan Dias (Head of Development/CEO EchonLab), Roshan (Director Sensus Hub), (Director Sensus Hub), Lalith Fernando (Secretary AISCTA), Mal Shree De Silva (President AISCTA), Samantha Meealla (Sensus Hub Managing Director), Thilak Wanigasekara (Sunsus BPO CEO), Sarath Wanigasekara(Director Sensus Hub) Mr. Roshan Dissanayaka of Sensus Hub conducted the session and Mr. Suren Dissanayake the Chief Architect of ARAKSHA APP and Director of Sensus Hub delivered the introduction through Webcast from Melbourne. Suren Dissanayake addressing from Melbourne A video presentation of the operational functionality of the ARAKSHA APP was presented for the gathering. The ARAKSHA APP can be downloaded to any smartphone through Android Play Store and iOS AppStore. It is embedded with twin Apps – PARENT APP and DRIVER APP. Through PARENT APP any a parent can select the preferred Driver, School Van, and Route either manually or scanning the QR Code sticker pasted on the Van. Likewise, the drivers (AISCTA members) too setup their starting point, visiting schools, destination, the route and pick-up points while enrolling existing students and new ones routed through PARENT APP. Once synchronized with DRIVER APP Parents get notifications when the Van is approaching home, when the kid is being picked-up and dropped-off and tracing their kid’s location throughout the journey. And they can make their kids ‘Unavailable’ when they are sick or wish to be absent. As such, both the Drivers and Parents enjoy peace of mind during the operation while experiencing mutual trust, respect for each other. Araksha Trailer Introduction to the DRIVER and PARENT APP DRIVER APP Walkthrough DRIVER APP While Traveling PARENT APP Walkthrough Pop up quizzes were asked from the Students, Parents, Teachers and ALSCTA members which were very keenly answered. Prizes were awarded to them by Mr. Samantha Meealla , Mr. Thilak Wanigasekara, and Mr. Sarath Wanigasekara. Thilak Wanigasekara awarding prizes to a student Mr. Lalith Fernando, Secretary of AISCTA and Mr. Mal Shri De Silva, President of AISCTA addressed the gathering and spoke highly of the advantages of the ARAKSHA APP towards their membership as well as for the parents. They urged their membership to make the maximum use of the App for their service betterment and uplift service standards. Another salient benefit for the AISCTA members who use the APP is they are offered a Credit Card facility by DFCC Bank and Allianz Insurance provides them vehicle insurance policy at a discount fee payable in instalments within one year. This is well acknowledged by the AISCTA as a great relief to them. Mr. Suranjith Swaris, Chairman of Colombo Business Association/ Immediate SLIM Past President addressing the gathering emphasized the importance of embracing the modern technology to have a professional cutting edge while discharging the services more efficiently. He appreciated the bold decision of going digital and welcome others in different trades to follow the suit. Suranjith Swaris addressing the gathering Mr. Nishantha Gajanayake, Director of Sensus Hub delivered the vote of thanks showering due gratitude those who supported this big venture and those who participated at the event. All in all, it was a historical day for majority of the parents of student community of 4.2Mn attending to over ten thousand schools in the island. Child Safety is a serious concern of each parent which is addressed individually by their own sources/resources and this common platform would ease all their troubles giving them the much needed relief and peace of mind. It is needless to say how this Traceable App as a must utility amidst this COVID-19 crisis situation. After all, your Child is Safe, parents are relived, drivers’ role well accepted, their sales get better. What else an App of this sort to provide?

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