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Celebrating 22 years Sirasa TV continues to evolve and be the catalyst for change to set the benchmark for the industry to offer our viewers a host of exciting programmes and advertisers the opportunity to engage with our audiences. Sirasa has been at the forefront of innovation and creativity whilst showcasing programs like “The Voice Teens Sri Lanka”.

“The Voice Teens Sri Lanka” the world renowned franchised reality show airs every weekend at 7.30pm on Sirasa TV. In the past four months since the program has been aired in Sri Lanka many “Stars” with exceptional talents have been brought to the spotlight in the programme.

In fact some of these Sri Lankan contestants have been featured on the official global “Voice” YouTube channel which has over 6.2million subscribers and “Voice Teens Sri Lanka” already has over 400,000 subscribers and 135 million YouTube views in just four short months.

The channel's Prime time offers family entertainment ranging from fiction to international award winning dramas like “Decedents of the Sun” and local popular tele-series, daily and weekly. Several kids and informational programmes too are available for the viewers.

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