Partial Solar eclipse tomorrow

A partial solar eclipse which is an amazing / magnificent phenomenon of nature is expected to be visualized tomorrow, a statement issued by the Planetarium of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankans would visualize this as a partial solar eclipse while 24% of the Sun would be shaded by the shadow of the Moon in the northern region and 16% of the Sun will be shaded by the shadow of the Moon when in Colombo and suburbs.

The partial solar eclipse will be visible from around 10.24 a. m. in Sri Lanka and the climax of the eclipse in the Jaffna region will be at about 11.54 while it will be around 11.51 a. m. when Colombo experience the climax of the eclipse.

It is requested not to observe the solar eclipse using sun glasses, glasses darkened with ashes or X – ray sheets but recommended to use only the No. 14 welding glasses and glasses used especially for observing solar eclipse.

The public is herewith strictly advised not to observe this partial solar eclipse with naked eyes.

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