‘No need to reconvene Parliament’

Mahaweli Development, Agriculture and Trade Minister Chamal Rajapaksa said it is unnecessary to reconvene Parliament even though the Opposition wanted to come back to Parliament.

He said the Opposition is attempting to plunge the country into an unnecessary crisis by requesting President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to reconvene Parliament which will obstruct the ongoing COVID-19 operations.

“Since these activities are functioning efficiently with the participation of health authorities, Security Forces, and other sectors, there is no necessity to reconvene the old Parliament,” the Minister said.

He said though it is the bounden duty of the Opposition to support the ongoing COVID-19 campaigns, none of them did so to date. “They must at least study the strategies adopted by the present regime and come up with their ideas which could be put into action to control the pandemic. Instead, the Opposition maintains silence,” he said.

Minister Rajapaksa said none of the members from the Opposition ever attempted to give their support to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s programme to control the spread of the virus. “That shows the Opposition has failed in performing its duty towards the country and its people,” he said.  

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