Pregnant and having flu symptoms ? Visit nearest Govt Hospital

According to the results of recent researches, the impact of COVID-19 on pregnant mothers is not serious but all pregnant mothers in Sri Lanka are advised to coordinate with the midwife and inform her about any flu like symptoms.

All pregnant mothers should go to the nearest Government Hospital on the very first day of developing flu like symptoms (fever, cold, sore throat etc),  Consultant Community Physician Dr. Kapila Jayaratne (MBBS, MSc, DCH, MD (Com Med) attached to the Family Health Bureau of the Health Ministry said.

According to Dr. Jayaratne, all pregnant mothers should take extra precautionary measures during these days and avoid all types of gatherings such as parties, weddings, funerals, and crowded places such as super markets, public transport services etc. They should not associate with people having flu like symptoms.

Dr. Jayaratne pointed out that annually around 360,000 women get pregnant in Sri Lanka. No pregnant woman had died from COVID-19 so far and only 200 Chinese pregnant women got infected according to a study published in an American medical journal.

According to another WHO study it was revealed that only eight percent of Chinese pregnant mothers from 64 infected pregnant mothers and 82 suspected cases developed complications. It was reported from Greece that an infected woman had given birth to a healthy baby.


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