Thai Pongal messages

‘Thai Pongal heralds bountiful blessings for the coming year’

Following is a message from Foreign Relations and Skills Development, Employment and Labor Relations Minister and Leader of the House of Parliament, Dinesh Gunawardena, on the occasion of Thai Pongal:

“More than one billion Hindus around the world celebrate Thai Pongal with great devotion every year. The Hindus who live close to nature by making agriculture their livelihood, worship the Sun God on the day of Thai Pongal, offering a sweet Pongal rice made from the first harvest to the Sun God in the belief that the Sun God will bless them with a bountiful harvest of their staple food, rice.”

“On this festive occasion celebrating the Sun God, I convey my heartfelt greetings to all Hindus living in harmony with close ties to the Sinhala culture, as well as all Hindus across the world.”


‘Thai Pongal, an occasion to promote harmony among all’

Following is a message from Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa on the occasion of Thai Pongal:

“The Thai Pongal Festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world is a grand festival associated with a great religious, cultural and social significance.”

“Hindus mark the dawn of a new year on this auspicious festival day giving priority for worship and veneration of the Sun. Paying homage to nature including sun, rain and animals who contribute to a rich harvest and consecrating the first harvest to the Sun God reflecting the gratitude to Mother Nature are among the significant events of this day.”

“On this important day of Thai Pongal which reiterates the value of equality and gratitude, let me remind that it is the responsibility of all of us to be committed to build a peaceful and independent nation surpassing all ethnic, religious and cultural differences and boundaries.”

“May this blessed Thai Pongal day be an occasion to promote goodwill, harmony, solidarity and equity among all of us.”

“I wish a happy, peaceful and prosperous future to all Hindus who celebrate Thai Pongal today.”

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