NRFC remittances will be tax free under Sajith - Tissa

Sajith Premadasa has included a very special proposal in his manifesto with regard to the highest foreign remittances to the country, the migrant workers, Tissa Attanayake convening a media briefing in Colombo said yesterday.

"A large segment of our migrant workers contribute immensely to our economy. In terms of remittances, they remit over Rs. 66,000 million to the country. In the past the three main revenue sources of the country was tea, rubber and coconut. However, now that has changed and the main revenue source is the remittances of the migrant workers and the second-highest income-generating source of the country is the garment sector. Therefore, it is essential to pay greater attention to these migrant workers. Accordingly, Sajith Premadasa has placed greater attention on this issue and has given them greater prominence. Especially for the housemaids employed in the Middle East, they have had to face numerous hardships. Hence, taking care of them is our responsibility. Therefore, Sajith Premadasa has proposed to deploy a legal counsel at every Sri Lankan Embassy and Consulate in these countries in order to assist these Housemaids in the event they face any such hardships," he said.

Attanayake noted that all those travelling overseas for employment must register with the Foreign Employment Bureau and through Sajith Premadasa's manifesto, he has suggested that such institutions be modernised and evaluated in order to meet the requirements of these migrant workers and serve them more efficiently. "Not just that, Premadasa has also proposed that all Non-resident foreign currency (NRFC) accounts of these migrant workers be exempted from all taxes. He has certified that all the earnings of these migrant workers would not be taxed as requested by them."

As a relief for these migrant workers in building houses, those registered with the Foreign Employment Bureau, Sajith Premadasa has promised loan facilities of 75% of the estimated cost would be granted to them at a concessionary interest rate.

"In addition, he also suggests that these migrant workers would be granted a pension upon their retirement. These migrant workers who have rendered a great service to the country should be looked after once they are unable to work anymore and Sajith Premadasa is the only leader who has looked at their grievances and issues and included relief measures in his manifesto," Attanayake said.

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