Mahinda sold Army Hq land in Colombo to foreign firms – Vedaarachchi

The Pohottuwa Party is preoccupied with blaming the government on baseless grounds citing the sale of state lands. It was Mahinda Rajapaksa who sold state lands to foreigners. The Army headquarters land in Colombo was sold to a foreign chain of hotels by Mahinda Rajapaksa,” Fisheries and Aquatic Resources State Minister Dilip Vedaarachchi alleged.

“Cronyism, corruption and nepotism were rampant during his regime,” he said.

Vedaarachchi was addressing a Presidential election propaganda meeting meeting at Kudawella.

He said that while shouldering the legacy of problems of the Rajapaksas, the present regime is still forging ahead with development projects. He said they had to repay the debts obtained by the previous regime.

“The present regime had to take over a debt ridden economy due to the short sighted policies and economic mismanagement of the previous regime. The present regime was compelled to increase taxes to pay the massive loans obtained by the previous regime,” Vedaarachchi added.

He said that the present regime commenced massive transformation in the education sector.

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