‘Let us build a corruption-free, developed country’

The public rally held in Nintavur on Saturday. Pictures by A.B. Abdul Gafoor- Ampara District Group Correspondent

The Presidential election on November 16 will enable me to establish a corruption-free country and create an era of development, New Democratic Front (NDF) Presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

He was speaking at a public rally held in Nintavur on Saturday (9).

Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa said a government under him would find solutions to the problems such as sea erosion, devastated paddy lands and coconut plantations, and destroyed fishing huts due to the Oluvil Harbour.

“Fishermen in this area experience immense hardships due to sea erosion. A maternity ward and a children’s ward would be set up at the Nintavur Base Hospital with all high-sophisticated technicalities and modern facilities. The public playground in the area would be standardised. Paddy farmers in these areas face irrigation-related problems. Action will be taken to supply water from the Gal Oya Reservoir,” he said.

“Solutions will be given to the land issues in Kiran, Komari after becoming the President on November 16, as most of the paddy lands in these areas belong to the residents of Nintavur and Addalaichenai. Samurdhi Scheme will also be improved to light the lives of low-income people and the Janasaviya scheme will bring prosperity to this country,” the NDF candidate said.

“The education sector will be developed and a new government under me would provide two uniforms, a pair of shoes and a midday meal to every student across the country. Self-employment opportunities will be created to uplift the lives of women-headed families. Fertilizers for tea, coconut, rubber and paddy cultivations will be provided free of charge. Industrial zones and technical colleges would be set up in every divisional secretariat (DS) division, creating job opportunities for youth,” he said.

“High literacy, and knowledge of English and Information Technology play an important role in one’s life. Industrial zones and technical colleges would provide these skills. Youth will be provided with financial assistance and guidance to seek jobs. The Ampara District has 20 divisional secretariats. Each DS division will receive a digital centre, a technical college and an industrial zone. There are 19,000 pre-schools in the country. Pre-school education will be brought under the purview of the Education Ministry. Pre-school teachers will be paid, so, parents do not have to pay them after the upcoming Presidential election. Infrastructure facilities in pre-schools will be developed and the children will be provided with a meal. We will also provide a financial aid worth Rs. 300,000 for three-wheeler drivers with zero interest,” he added.

“The opposition candidate creates problems among Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities for his own benefits. Sajith Premadasa is not like him. Racism and communalism will be eradicated ensuring a peaceful country,” NDF Presidential candidate Minister Sajith Premadasa said.

Ministers and state ministers, including Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader and Town Planning, Water supply and Higher Education Minister Rauff Hakeem and Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine State Minister Faizal Cassim, parliamentarians, former governors and provincial councillors, chairmen and members of local bodies, and supporters participated. 

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