Buddhist monks, supporters plan to appeal to Govt. to re-commence Duminda Silva investigation

A group of Buddhist monks and supporters of Duminda Silva are planning on appealing to the government to re-commence an investigation into the shooting incident between two groups of Duminda Silva and Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra several years ago. They claim that the CID had allegedly concealed certain information from courts regarding the shooting of Duminda Silva which was unfavourable to him and eventually led to him being sentenced to life imprisonment.

Several years ago in 2011 during the Provincial Council elections, Bharatha Lakshman and his group and Duminda Silva and his group had met in Kolonnawa and an argument had reportedly arisen between the two.

The argument turned violent when the security personnel of Bharatha Lakshman had allegedly opened fire at Duminda Silva and he was shot in the head. When he had collapsed, his security personnel had opened fire on Bharatha Lakshman, which led to his death. Having received serious injuries in the shooting, Duminda Silva is still under treatment. Both factions sustained severe losses, according to reports at that time.

Duminda Silva received medical treatment at the Sri Jayawardenapura Hospital and also in Singapore, but he has still not fully recovered. Medical reports showed that as he had received serious injuries to his head, he suffers from serious brain injuries.

The group appealing on behalf of Duminda Silva claim that while the CID was entrusted with the inquiry in to this incident, they had allegedly concealed information regarding the fact that it was Bharatha Lakshman’s group who had initially opened fire and injured Duminda Silva, and only had pursued investigations regarding Duminda Silva’s group opening fire on Bharatha Lakshman.

The petitioners claim that the CID had allegedly concealed certain information from courts. Therefore, they have urged the new government to conduct a fair investigation into this incident, while respecting the verdict of the courts, and ensure that justice is done to both parties without favouring either of them.


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