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Three months have elapsed since the demise of the Chief Incumbent of Sri Subadhraramaya, Maligaspe, Galle, Most Venerable Agga Maha Panditha Pallattara Sri Sumanajothi Thera who rendered a yeoman service to the Buddha Sasana, society and education.

Born in 1924 to Disanayaka Gurugamage Sadirishami and Vanniarachchi Kankanamge Gimarahami as Siridasa Disanyaka, he received his basic education at Pallattara College. He entered Ahangama Dharmarama College for the secondary education.

In 1937, Disanayaka stepped into the historic Mulkirigala Rajamaha Vihara to take robes under the tutelage of Chief Incumbent Most Venerable Kotawala Sirisumana Thera. The Venerable Thera entered Mulkirigala Pirivena to initiate his spiritual background.

Having entered the Maligakanda Vidyodaya Pirivena in 1940, Venerable Sumanajothi Thera completed all the relevant examinations. In 1965, he obtained a Bachelor’s degree. Following the death of his revered teacher, the Venerable Thera became the Chief Incumbent of Sri Subhadrarama.

Owing to his virtues, piety, determination and capacity to face challenges, the onetime small temple was moulded into a fully-fledged religious sanctuary.

Venerable Thera initiated his career as an instructor attached to the Vidhyawardhana Pirivena, Homagama. He was instrumental in ushering in a new generation of disciplined and religious Bhikkhus. Following a brief stint at the Pirivena, the Venerable Thera entered the government teachers’ career. He was posted first at Palugasdamana College, Polonnaruwa. He then served in Galle and Meepawala. He held an illustrious career at Mahinda College, Galle, as he contributed to the growth of a new-thinking Buddhist community. Mahinda College was founded by Henry Steele Olcott in a bid to propagate the Buddha’s word.

As Venerable Sri Sumanajothi Thera retired from the service in1982, his contribution to the Sasana was recognised with the Deputy Sanghanayaka Position conferred upon him by the Malwatu sector of the Shyamopali Nikaya.

Venerable Sumanajothi Thera served as the Principal of Sri Revatha Pirivena, Kumbalwella, and produced many Buddhist luminaries. Taking these credentials into consideration, the Venerable Thera was appointed as the Head of Parivenacharya Training College, Ratmalana.

In 2007, the Venerable Thera was appointed as the Chief Sanghanayaka of the Southern Province with the Mahopadyaya title conferred upon him by the Malwatu Sector. He played an instrumental role as a Dhamma communicator as he delivered Dhamma talks over radio and television.

However busy life was, the Venerable Thera did not neglect his academic proposition. He has authored quite several books on Buddhism, Pali and Sinhala.

A Dhamma talk and an alms giving for 100 Buddhist monks will be held to commemorate the three-month death anniversary of Venerable Pallattara Sri Sumanajothi Thera.

The event is organised by Venerable Kumbukmulle Sirisumana Thera, the current Chief Incumbent of Sri Subhadraramaya, along with the board of patrons.

May Most Venerable Pallattara Sri Sumanajothi Thera attain Nibbana!

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