Her saintly journey

Descending from Koliya, the royal clan
Her life was spent on a successful plan
First, she as the queen was a noble foster mother
Then she was first Therini that sasana had ever
Her dedicated service was great indeed
She had the strong intellect to guide, plan and lead
Her wish to be Bhikkuni culminated in her life late
Which she was determined to achieve at any rate
A proud lady with charming beauty
Thought, to be of service was her utmost duty
To be the foster mother to newborn prince
Was the greatest honour received ever since
It was a wonderful splendid opportunity
No one ever could dream among humanity
This cropped up in her routine life
When king Suddodhana lost his loving wife
According to the convention, the mother should pass away
After the birth of Bosath on the 7th day
The person whom the babe call mother
To fill the void there was no other
She was the best recognized in motherhood
Later the gravity of it was clearly understood
She should be honoured for her bold decision
Which magnified her farsighted vision
What more could she in her life sacrifice
She was the most suitable foster mother to Bosath prince
It was refreshing enthusiasm and excitement
That illumined her life right throughout
Success required hard work and great attention
To make him Sakvithi was her intention
With little brother and sister, he played every
where The mother always saw to their welfare
Then after their marriage of 13 years
The foster mother was very careful with hardly any fear
As Therini for female rescue, she came forward
For which she should be conferred a winning award
BinaraPoya is a memorable day in Buddha Sasana
On this day was founded the Bhikkunisasana
Her ambition was to enter the Bhikkuni order
But her plea was rejected twice by Buddha, no wonder
Thera Ananda intervened and made a new request
Which gave no rest to Buddha, but accept
Finally, it was granted on condition
That they would accept eight great conditions
In sasana, in the annals of historical past
Therini Prajapathi was the first to give “Mehenisasna” a start
Therini’s next step was to attain Nibbana
With Buddha’s consent, she was ready for Parinirvana
The Buddha in gratitude with a heavy mind
In her last journey, Buddha walked behind

Rupa Banduwardena

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