National Bhikku Front presidential candidate will be announced on August 18

The Jathika Jana Balavegaya (National People’s power), which comprises the JVP, the National Bhikku Front and 28 other organizations, will reveal their presidential candidate on August 18 at Galle Face Green, the Secretary of National Bhikku Front Ven. Handugala Rathanapala Thera said yesterday.

The National Bhikku Front called on all Bhikkus, other religious leaders and the citizens to join hands with the new candidate which will result in directing the country to a new path instead of choosing the same old path that reaches “a dead end”.   

“Buddhist monks along with other religious leaders have endorsed a set of recommendations for candidates who stand for elections.

The personality who we put forward would not be a typical leader like those from the major political parties instead he will uphold the recommendations presented by religious leaders.

We do not focus on an individual, it is the work plan that is most important,” the Ven. Thera said.

“SLFP, SLPP and UNP, all are presenting candidates that are stereotypical, directing the public towards an individual.

The religious leaders have formulated a set of recommendations to save the country which is in a rut.

Therefore we urge the citizens think deeply before appointing the seventh executive president,” the Thera added.

The chairman of National Bhikku Front Ven. Wakamulle Uditha Thera also addressing the media stated that beginning from President J.R Jayewardene, all the presidents followed a similar pattern and the country has now suffered economically, politically and socially.  Their candidate will be a refreshing change, he said.

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