Low quality petrol in market; substandard petrol instead of 92 octane

The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) yesterday revealed that petrol 92 octane sold in the market is not up to standard. The Chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection, Ranjith Vithanage stated that, following a complain received at the consumer affairs authority, a 92 octane sample was checked  at the CPC lab and subsequently it was revealed that the real composition is 90.5 octane. “in February 2019, we lodged a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Authority that the petrol being sold to consumers by Lanka IOC is substandard.Accordingly, the CAA had sent several samples of petrol being sold by Lanka IOC to the lab at the Petroleum Corporation Refinery for testing on March 23rd and it was confirmed that the Octane percentage of the petrol being sold by IOC was only 90.5%,” Vithanage stated. However, he points out that although these samples had been obtained from IOC sheds, the petrol had been distributed to them by a Sri Lanka Petroleum Corporation distribution center. “The CPC stopped selling petrol 90 octane due to its low quality. But it seems that we still buy octane 90,”Vithanage added Meanwhile, the chairman continued to question that who could be held responsible for this matter and called for a proper investigation.

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