World Day Against Child Labour 2019 today

The World Day Against Child Labour will be observed today to raise awareness about the plight of child labourers worldwide.

Hundreds of children drop out of school every year to help their parents earn a livelihood. The more unfortunate ones are forced into child labour by organised crime rackets, while many others never get to see a school because of extreme poverty.

While eradication of societal evils and alleviation of poverty remains a top priority to address this problem, creating awareness against the issue and discouraging demand for child labour also goes a long way.

On June 12 every year, International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates World Day Against Child Labour, and we revisit the tragedies of lives lost to hazardous forms of child labour, most often excluding the exploitation and dangers faced by child domestic workers.

This year’s theme is 'Children shouldn’t work in fields, but on dreams'.

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