Won’t abort solar power generatiom programme - Ministry

The Power, Energy and Business Development Ministry sources stressed that no action has been taken to abort the first phase of the solar power generation programme called “Suryabala Sangramaya”.

A media release issued by the Ministry said no action has been taken to stop the first phase of the Suryabala Sangramaya. Therefore the Ministry urged the public not to trust rumours circulating in certain media and especially through social media that the Suryabala Sangramaya has been aborted by now.

The media release further said that the Suryabala Sangramaya was mooted by this government in 2016 under a policy decision to increase the solar power generation to the national grid. With the programme the Government expects to have private solar power plants at the household base. The solar power generation of these household units is purchased by the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB). Accordingly a unit is purchased from private solar plants for Rs 11.82 to 16.00 by the CEB.

Under the Suryabala Sangramaya, which consists of four phases, the Ministry is launching various projects to increase the renewable energy production of the county. As per these projects, all electricity consumers are allowed to generate solar energy by installing solar panels on their roof-tops and those generation is purchased by the CEB. 

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