Schools , Pirivenas, Educational institutes to celebrate Poson from June 12 to 16

The Ministry of Education has launched a school-based program from June 12 to 16 to celebrate the Poson Poya. The Poson Poya, the second most important Poya Day in the Buddhist calendar after Vesak that marks the introduction of the Buddha’s teachings to Sri Lanka by Arahat Mahinda Thera of India, falls on June 16.

The ministry sources said it has issued circular instructions in this regard to all Provincial Secretaries of Education, the provincial-, zonal- and divisional directors of education and the principals of schools and monastic schools (pirivenas).

In accordance with the ministry circular, the principals of schools comprising majority Buddhist students as well as other educational institutes have been instructed to implement programs in their schools on June 12 to decorate the schools and classrooms with Buddhist crafts and flags.

 ‘Help the Needy Programs ‘will be conducted on June 13. They will be implemented in schools supervised by the principals, the sources said.

 They are to hold ‘precept observations’ ceremonies for school children on June 14. The following day , June 15 has been dedicated for house decorations to commemorate the arrival of the Arahat Mahinda Thera to the country.

The Education Ministry expects that everyone, the principals, the parents and the children will participate in dana- sila- bhavana programs on June 16 and they may attend to the needs of those lay devotees- Upasikas and Upaskas  , according to the circular.

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