Munchee to support Mihintala Aloka Pooja and Many Other Poson Activities

Munchee ,the  flagship  brand  of  CBL  and  the  market leader  in  Sri lanka’s  biscuits  industry  has  come  forward  to  support  Mihintala  Aloka  Pooja  and  many  other  religious  activities  during  the  forthcoming  Poson  season  as a  part  of  its  CSR initiatives. As  many  Sri Lankans  consider  Poson  Poya  as   an  important  religious, cultural and social  event   Munchee  would  like  to  join  hands  with everybody   in  all  endeavors     to  follow and  promote  the  very meaningful  doctrine preached  by  Arahat Mihindu  at  the  Mihintala  or  Missaka  Pawuva. As such  In  conjunction    with  the  Poson  Festival ,   Munchee  extends  its   support  to  many  activities  including  a  Bhakthi Gee competition  among  Dham schools in  Anuradhapura  ,Maddyama  Nuwaragam  Platha  in  association with  the  Shasanarakshaka  Balamandalaya  and  the  Divisional  Secretary’s  Office  .  Groups  from  round  100 Dham  schools  are   expected  to  take  part  in the  competition  which  is  being  organized  for  the  second  time . The  winners  of  the  competition  will  present  their   performances  on 17th  June  2019  near  the  Sandahiruseya  , Anradhapura  from 6.00 pm Arrangements have been also made to serve pilgrims   coming   to     Mihintala  on 15 ,16 and 17 June with   delicious Munchee  biscuits  .  As a measure   of  support  for  the  environment  protection ,  Munchee will  also  distribute  environment  friendly  bags  to   devotees  flocking  to  Mihintala  during this  season In  addition,  Munchee  will  donate “ Pin Poth “  to  all  devotees  observe  sil  at the  Mihintala  on the  Poson Poya  Day . “ Pin Potha”    is   a  book   used  by  Buddhists  to  write   all  meritorious  work  done by  them  . This book has been printed  under the  Munchee  sponsorship  with  the  intention  of distributing  among   Buddhist  devotees and  daham   school  children . Munchee  as  a  truly  Sri Lankan  brand  has  been  in the  forefront   of  Corporate  Social  Responsibility  under  many  areas  including education ,arts  and  culture ,  sports  ,disaster  relief  and  community  development  

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