Vesak Blossoms

Vesak dawned and with this dawn
The Sakya Royal Babe was born
The might of love, to teach us all
and show the road, where, sorrows fade out
In Lumbini the famous Sal Uyana
Queen Maha Maya bore, this Saviour...
Then to deck his Cosy Verdant bed
Sal trees dropped, their scented flowers
In Lumbini radiant, pleasure grove
Lord Buddha, as a Royal babe, was born
To teach what bliss, to heal life's sorrow lasting
The Dhamma to devour, when we are fasting.
Vesak gives us cheer, Vesak gives us gladness
Vesak gives us hope and soothing peace of mind
For this truth, the Sakya Sage did clearly find
Dhammas bliss is everlasting, to end our daily, sadness
Vesak full moon, scenting the air shine on and on
Year after year every Vesak full moon, dawn
Your silvery face shyly unravelling bright
Rhythmically, bathing this world, wit you tranquil light
Vesak night, when the full moon shining bright
People father all blossoms, that's white
From the placid waters, the lotus peep
While innocent babies are fast asleep.
Young and old pilgrims ...... in milky white
With jasmine, lotus buds, to temples went their way
To offer to the Muny and at his feet to pray
With the fragrant flowers and scented candles gay.
On this thrice blessed peaceful morn
The Dhammas truth to him did dawn
Beneath the Indian Bodhi Tree
He left behind a shining glorious name with glee.
Reader, I send you happy, Wasak greetings
More fragrant than any flowers
That deck your temple shrining
To greet the Vesak pure dawn.
Sabba Papassa Akaranan
Kusalassa Upa Sampada
Sachitha Pariyo Dapanam
Etan Buddhanusasanam

- Nalini C K V Aluvihare

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