The Blessed One within artistic nature

The Buddha made no distinction of class or clan when communicating Dhamma and also wanted peace and harmony. All were administered to into order irrespective of their differences. Everyone has the right to life.

What the Buddha wanted, they should live according to Dhamma, compassion and wisdom guiding the principal in finding for the betterment of mankind, and peace comes with love, affection, trust, truth, co-operation and understanding of each other. The Buddha was enlightened under the Bo-Tree. In the name of the Buddha, temples and meditation centres were built up in many parts of the world.

Ties between Sri Lanka and Thailand were strengthened owing to Buddhism. In order to promote the Buddha’s teachings, both countries initiated special activities.

As far as Thailand is concerned, a stone image of the Buddha's head was found entwined with the Roots of a big tree, in Ayutthaya. This now remains a famous tourist attraction in Thailand.

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