Govt subsidizes Rs. 5 for fuel

Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera announcing the price increase of fuel in keeping with the pricing formula said that the government has subsidized Rs. 5 in lieu of the festive season despite the fact that it would incur a loss.

We want to do what’s right by the people, election or no election he said. “The fuel price should be Rs.137 but we have restricted it to Rs.132 due to the fact that this is the festive season. The fuel price is still less compared to other countries, like India who’ve increased prices on a daily basis and were forced to suspend the pricing formula.”

The minister detailing the price of a barrel of crude oil said that there has been a gradual increase since December last year. “It was 53.8 in December and rose to 70.4 in March which signifies a 30 percent increase.”

Considering the fact that consumption may increase until the end of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, the Minister added that they have decided to restrict the price increase and would revise the price further at the next revision.

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