‘UNP ready to win any election this year’

Minister Navin Dissanayake met the players at “Wevili Saviya Sports Festival 2019”.

‘The United National Party has recognised this year as an election year. However, we are determined to win any election whichever come our way, Plantation Industries Minister Navin Dissanayake,’ said in Galle.

The minister was addressing the inaugural session of “Wevili Saviya Sports Festival 2019”organised by the Tea Small Holders’ Authority at Vidyaraja Vidyalaya in Thawalama in Galle.

‘The Southern people have much affection and admiration towards former President Mahinda Rajapaksa which is a fact that we do not deny. As a leader born in the South, he rendered a dominant service for the grandeur of the Southern Province with an outstanding vision. As a Southerner, he was obliged to deliver such a massive contribution to the progress of his region,’ the minister further observed.

‘However, the South is only one province of the country. In the Central Province, the majority of people are UNP followers. In the Uva Province, the situation is the same; the majority are UNPers. Consequent to recent political developments in the country, the mainstream middle-class population of the Western Province also stands with the UNP. So there is no need for us to panic over any election,’ he said.

The first election in this year would be the Presidential election. We are getting ready for that. We have a wealth of good political personalities for the presidential candidature. We will introduce a formidable winning presidential candidate who would definitely win the game at the appropriate time. There is no doubt about it, Dissanayake reiterated.

While recalling his childhood memories, the minister mentioned his participation at the Mahaweli Sports Meet with his late father Minister Gamini Dissanayake. He stressed his great satisfaction in participating “Wevili Saviya”.

I am thrilled over holding this sports event in Thawalama in Galle. My late father following his visionary concept organised the Mahaweli Sports Festival annually. It helped the rural youth of those areas to develop their sports skills.

It helped to produce renowned athletes who brought much honour to the nation. The sportswoman Shriyani Kulawansa is a proud creation of the Mahaweli Sports, he said.

‘Our authority is an organisation connected to tea production. But, I thought to contribute our share for the upliftment of sports of the country.

I was the Sports Minister for nearly eight months. With that experience, I thought to work for the progress of sports through our authority. Our target is to provide assistance, guidance and courage for children of the parents of the Tea Small Holdings. This is the Galle District Wevili Saviya Sports Festival; We will conduct the event islandwide in all the other districts,’ he added.

We hope to encourage both re-planting and new planting during 2019 in the Tea Small Holdings sector. Our main aim is to increase the volume of tea production. Now, planters get a good price for their produce. But no one commends about it. However, when the prices go down, they do not hesitate to stage protests throughout the country. That is the common practice of our country, the minister Continued.

‘I am happy over our success in overcoming the issue of pesticide. Today, there is no shortage of pesticides in the market. At present, the Tea Small Holders are quite satisfied with the good income they receive these days. We will do everything possible for the benefit of the people. We are determined to increase the government employees’ salaries. We will do everything possible for the benefit of the people. We are determined to increase the government employees’ salaries. We will continue with all relief concessions.

There will be no curtailing in state expenses on health and education of the country. However, we would like to remind you that we deliver all these services while spending Rs. 90 out of every Rs. 100 the state earns.

‘We are making necessary arrangements to hold the 72nd Independence Day. However, we have to consider seriously that even after 72 years of gaining independence, we have failed to initiate the economic revolution in the country.

The UNP plans to launch the much needed economic revolution. Our party has a host of new proficient leaders including me. We all hope to join hand together and usher prosperity in the country in future,’ the minister further stated.


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