Chang'e-4 probe land on the far side of the moon

China announces the mission of the Chang'e 4, which was launched to explore the lunar distant location.

China’s Chang’e 4 mission to the far side of the moon landed successfully at the start of the month, and now footage has been shared of a lander’s-eye view of the touchdown.

The Chang’e 4 mission touched down in the 115-mile-wide (185 kilometers) Von Kármán Crater on the far side of the moon on January 2 this year. It captured footage of the descent towards the surface with a camera which was attached to the probe. The black and white video footage of the landing starts off with a view of the lunar landscape, then shows the craft pivoting towards the surface of the Moon at around the one minute mark. The Von Kármán Crater is visible as the craft descends towards the surface.

The Jet Rabbit 2 rover and Chang'e 4 have taken each other's photos together with the supersonic satellite.
 Scientific equipment was successfully operated and photographs and data landing sites were taken from the plane,said the Chinese National Space Administration. The Chinese flag landing and rover can be seen on the big screen of the Beijing Steamboat Control Center. Chang'e 4 lunar propaganda program was initiated in 2004 by the name of Chang'e, the Chinese celibacy.

The footage released by the China National Space Administration on Friday.

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