Azath Salley is ready to take away children from drugs

Western Province Governor Azath Salley has stated, that every steps will be taken to prevent schoolchildren from getting intoxicated drugs, he has made this statement addressing a special press conference at the office today.

The Governor has said that some of the parents have been involved in the drug trafficking and that there is information regarding the steps to be taken regarding the matter and that a special discussion will be held with the police and those involved.

The Governor emphasized that all steps will be taken to rectify the dangers and save the school children from drug addicts and the priests of the temples in temples and gather children from them.

The Governor has said that he is going to arrest drug dealers near schools and bring them to the law. He said that the attention of President Maithripala Sirisena has been drawn to the country regarding the high level of drug trafficking in the country.

The Governor said that he started to take immediate action to prevent the spread of the drug and that he is ready  to take the next step and to face every challenge.

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