Teachers on road duties

The teachers of the Musaeus College, Colombo, had fallen in to a very inconvenience situation  after they were allocated on road duties by the school Management recently.  
It was further divulged that some of the teachers of the Musaeus College, were allocated on road duties after and before the School hours to control the traffic situations on the road.
According to the views of teachers those who were allocated on road duties, they are doing it  unwillingly just for the safeguard of their job. They are complaining that if the teachers had to do this kind of job, the students those who are coming to the same school won't respect them after they see their teachers are doing the work which should have done by a police cop. Some of the teachers had further said that by allocating this type of work, the school management is violating labour laws too. 
It was also learnt that to control the traffic situations, Road Safety Petrol Units were functioned with the assistance of traffic police and with the participation of school students in some of the leading schools in Colombo. But non of the teachers were engaged in controlling road traffic in those schools. However it was further revealed that as the 95% of the students those who are coming to the Musaeus College are coming with their parents in their own personnel vehicles, there will be massive traffic jam in every day of the roads which leads to the Musaeus College.   
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