Northern people against the removal of the Northern Governor

The Northern Governor Reginald Cooray is prepared to tender his resignation to the President if required, the Spokesman of the Governor told the Daily News.
It is also said that President Maithripala Sirisena has, had notified several governors to resign from their respective positions by today.
It is reported that the President intends to amend the composition of the governors.
However, according to sources close to the Northern Governor, several groups including political leaders, civilians and NGOs are planning on launching a protest against the removal of the Northern Governor Reginald Cooray.
The source said that the Governor is receiving calls from numerous parties who are ready to stage protests if he is removed. The Northern Governor is popular among the Northern people and has initiated many projects and programmes that are beneficial to the Northern people. Further his fluency in Tamil has also served him well in maintaining good relations with the Northern people.

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