‘UNP has no candidates for polls’

NFF’s D.U. Senerath speaks at the inauguration of the Lakmawa Diyaniyo women’s organisation, affiliated to the National Freedom Front, in Yatinuwara. Picture by Asela Kuruluwansa.

The UNP feared to go for a general election not only due to its impending defeat, but also due to the crisis it faced in finding candidates to contest under its symbol, National Freedom Front (NFF) electoral organiser for Yatinuwara D.U. Senarath said.

A person who loved his country, nation and religion would never contest under the banner of a party aspiring to divide the country and sell national resources to foreigners.

Senarath was speaking at a meeting to mark the launch of the NFF women’s organisation in Yatinuwara named Lakmawa Diyaniyo recently.

Senarath said that if the President did not intervene and halt the so called yahapalana government programme of selling national assets to foreigners, the country would have been in deep economic crisis before long.

Ranil Wickremesinghe who knew that the party leadership would go to Sajith Premadasa tried to obstruct it by creating a crisis in Parliament through the Speaker’s intervention. Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe had no right to speak about democracy because people were aware of his actions during the 1988 period of terror. 

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