‘Speaker wants to be common candidate at Presidential Election’

“Speaker Karu Jayasuriya breaks the criminal law. He is dreaming that he can become the common candidate for the next Presidential Election,” Counsel Premnath C. Dolawatte said.

He was addressing a press conference in Colombo yesterday evening.

He asked who will pay the money wasted on illegal Parliamentary proceedings if the gazette notification by the President comes to effect from December 7. Parliament had heated brawls and parliamentarians were hit with chairs in the era of late Sir John Kotelawala. Then all chairs in Parliament were fixed to the floor.

Counsel Dolawatte said many impeachments and no confidence motions were brought in Parliament in the past but all were brought following the parliamentary rules and regulations. Now all regulations are violated.

“We request the Supreme Court to allow a general election and issue an order stating that everything took place in the Parliament during the stay order is null and void,” he said.

“Seventy MPs will lose their pension if Parliament is dissolved and of them, 45 are UNP members. This will be their final attempt to keep their pensions. While oppositions in other countries shed blood to get elections, here in Sri Lanka, they shed blood to avoid elections,” he said.


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