Landslide displaced awaiting residencies

Residents around Hangidiyahena hillside in Ovilla Gramaseva Niladari division, Ukuwela who were evacuated for fear of landslides, are not provided with lands to settle in.

At present, 35 families temporarily reside in the Ovilla public hall while several other families, who were evacuated, are residing at their relatives’ houses.

They said since 2012, they were evacuated from time to time during rainy seasons as trees and mounds of soil slide down the slopes. Some houses were completely destroyed by landslides a few years ago.

They were evacuated by the Ukuwela Divisional Secretariat upon the recommendation of the Matale District Disaster Management Centre.

C. B. Dingiriamma, 80, of Ovilla said they are provided with facilities at the public hall. But people have not been able to earn their living due to the issue of evacuation.

She added that there are schooling children, public servants etc among the displaced persons.

“If it is not secure enough to go to our residences, give us alternative land to build our houses and lives,” Dingiriamma said.

“We lived happily in our own villages till 2012,” he added. 

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