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The time is opportune to investigate whether the rulers who have ruled us so far have served us with the same ladle or some have been more equal than others. It seems so. On the other hand, in a profound and analytical perusal for country’s politics seems to be the bone of contention of all the turmoils and catastrophes on our paradise isle. As law abiding citizens we have the birth right to raise our accusing finger against who have done this crime to drag the nation into this treacherous bog of political paralysis. This cardinal truth has been viewed vividly in Richard De Soyza’s poem Birds, Beasts and Relatives.

Based on the above preamble the writer wishes to makes an in-depth and yet unbiased investigation into this matter of paramount importance in a nutshell in the national press.

Identity politics has not proved fruitful in any country where democracy prevails. It is perishable and Sri Lanka is not an exception. But all the consecutive governments have followed suit on their whims and fancies without heeding its cataclysmic consequences on the victimized lot. It is very discernible to the right thinking masses that freedom and the universal suffrage that we enjoy today are not so valuable to the slaves. The slaves of any version uphold slavery. Our freedom was given to us on a platter on someone’s birthday albeit India achieved sovereignty from the British rulers after a hard struggle led by genuine sons of the soil. The statues of their leaders are built in the Indian hearts. In our paradise isle we build statues everywhere where there is room. Thus we render a yeoman service to the crows and other creatures to drop their excreta very proudly on our leaders’ bald heads.

All the consecutive governments paid Cinderella treatment to the country’s educated lot. The rulers learnt a bitter lesson for their discrimination in an abortive revolution. Their struggle didn’t come into fruition, but it rang alarm bells to the rulers. The educated lot of any country could be the engine of growth if their youthful exuberance, wisdom and knowledge could be harnessed for the forward march of the nation. The leaders of the April uprising thus fired a strong salvo against the rulers who discriminate the super power of the nation.

Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination is another disgrace to a country like Sri Lanka because it is a plural society. All the races ought to be treated on the same footing. All are human beings. Buddhism is the main religion of the country. Yet, the rulers discriminate other races. The Enlightened One attended on Sopaka in the same spirit even though he was born to Sakya clan. The pith of the matter of terrorism in Sri Lanka lies in racial discrimination. The races could make or mar governments.

Caste favouration is another disgraceful aspect in Sri Lankan body politics. This platoon in identity politics does unpardonable crimes in broad day light. The caste is patronized by the powerful representative of the ruling party and thus basic human rights of the rest are grossly violated.

An analytical study of the country’s development pattern projects regional bias based on the influence of the high ranking political leaders. Some electorates ironically become no-man’s land and the people in such areas cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. This discrimination is a convincing index for the short-sightedness of the heads of the governments.

Women do not play second fiddle to men in the modern society, but most of the governments that came into power on the shoulders of women didn’t give them their due. Gender discrimination is undemocratic and all the rulers cut their umbilical code from a mother.

Vibrant democracy

Religion is a birthright in a vibrant democracy. Almost all the governments so far acquired the ruling power of the country on the religious card. Every religion is equal on the cultural basis. On this count, every religion ought to be given due recognition in practice.

Rural and urban division of the country is not acceptable in allocating public assets for development. In fact, urban society depends on the resources of the countryside. In development and policy planning, rural areas too have to be given due share.

Geopolitics should not be destined on the colour or colours of the political parties. The blood of all the voters in each and every constituency is of the same colour.

Everyone should be equal before the law of the country. But some seem to be more equal than others. In Victorian judiciary justice was overpowered by money and Jaggers in Dickens’s Great Expectations enjoyed the pride of place. Dickens says in this magnum opus that the judiciary during that era was corrupt to the hilt. Are we to get the same disgrace by treating one segment of the society by giving undue favours? The Sword of Damocles should hang over everyone in the same weight. Impartiality of the judiciary should be upheld at any cost. He also says that the judge’s feet shakes when Jaggers is on his feet for submissions. Some Jaggers in Sri Lanka take immediate silk after passing out and become legal eagles making the profession a lucrative business. The poor fall into the ditch.

The nation is bleeding. Yet, all are basking in the ancient glory of a bygone era. Narrow politics should be done away with immediate effect. It is the need of the hour. It is the public outcry.

Everyone ought to be country’s concern without any iota of discrimination.


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