Yalegama Third Cross St in disrepair

The residents of the Third Cross Street of the Yalegama Mawatha, Redbanagama in Ukuwela said they undergo severe hardships since their street is a puddle in rainy days.

They said the road was bulldozed by the Ukuwela Pradeshiya Sabah to concrete it but later they rehabilitated another cross street with a few houses using the funds allocated for their street since a Pradeshiya Sabah member lives there. The residents said 24 families reside on the Third Cross Street. Now the road is a puddle and schoolchildren undergo severe hardships to and from their schools.

Ukuwela Pradeshiya Sabah Chairman Chethiyaratne said that if the residents made a written request, the Pradeshiya Sabah would take necessary steps to repair it in a week.

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