Women still reluctant to screen for breast cancer

Sri Lankan women are still reluctant to get themselves screened for breast cancer, Health Deputy Minister Faizal Kassim said.

"Women should get themselves screened at cancer screening clinics done free to lead a healthy life and to save their own lives from cancers," he said.

Addressing a press conference held at the Government Information Department yesterday he said still women are reluctant to visit Well Women clinics and Healthy Lifestyle Centers countrywide in state hospitals that offer free screening.

"Only around 20 women turned up for a recent free screening for breast cancer held in the Eastern Province. The total female population of the area is around 15,000,"Kassim said.

He said women are scared, ashamed or scared of social stigma (comes with a possible detection of cancer) and do not get themselves screened. They suffer from late stage breast cancers. But breast cancer can be cured if detected early through a mammogram.

The Indra Foundation of India will grant Rs.780 million to implement a five year project to offer mobile breast cancer screening facilities in remote villages.The project has already been approved. All women should make use of this free facility and become free of cancer, he added.

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