Wana Ropa’ Tree Planting begins

President Maithripala Sirisena said that he had not taken many high positions entrenched with money and power and selected the Ministry of Environment to ensure the right to life of all creatures, including human beings.

Even though the previous Presidents had taken the Ministry of Finance under their purview as soon as they came to power, he had taken steps to shed excessive powers of the Executive Presidency and devolved them to Parliament, he pointed out.

The President made these remarks addressing the National Environmental Conference held at the Mannar Urban Council Ground, yesterday.

President Sirisena, expressing his views further, said the damage caused to the environment is a threat to survival of human beings, while it is an essential task to protect the environment for the future survival of all creatures.

The President emphasized the importance of protecting the environment as a child, which ensures the right to life of human beings and further said that no one would be allowed to destroy the environment.

The President said that all public servants in a respective district, would be responsible for environmental damage in that particular district and further requested to inform him if there is any political influence when enforcing laws against environmental damage.

Today, Sri Lanka has adopted international conventions implemented to protect the environment, while important programmes have been implemented to achieve sustainable development goals.

The President said that this type of environment conferences are held covering all districts, to solve environmental issues at district level and further emphasized the need of fulfilling respective duties by everyone concerned in this regard.

The National Environmental Conference commenced after every body taking the environment pledge and the President initiated the programme to distribute saplings among the school children.

President Sirisena presented awards to students who had won the competitions held at school level to mark Environment Day.

The inaugural ceremony of the National Ruk Ropana Day 2018, proceeded under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena at Thampanakulam, Madupara, Mannar yesterday.

The “Wana Ropa” National programme is conducted under the “Punarudaya” National Environmental Conservation programme, conducted by the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, under the instructions of the President with the objective to promote a broad Environmental Conservation Programme Islandwide.

The objective of this programme is to increase forest cover of Sri Lanka to 32% and to take forward the country towards a blue green era.

The month of October is named as the National Ruk Ropana Month, while empowering this project through the participation of the public and the contribution of organizations.

The Department of Forest Conservation was conducted by distributing 2 million plants to areas throughout the island simultaneous to the National “Wana Ropa” programme 2018.

Planting a Neem plant, the President inaugurated the National Wana Ropa Programme 2018.

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