Open Masjid to create awareness of Islamic values

The 80th-anniversary celebration of Puttalam Muhiyadheen Jumma Masjid under the theme ‘Open Masjid,’ was held in the Jumma Masjid premises, recently.

During the celebration, the values and norms of Islam were explained to the visitors.

The event was organised by Puttalam Muhiyadheen Jumma Masjid, with the Colombo Centre for Islamic Studies, under the chair of the Muhiyadheen Grand Masjid’s administrative head P. M. Abdul Janab.

Puttalam district Parliamentarian Hector Appuhami, the Chairman of Puttalam Urban Council K. A. Baiz, former Puttalam district parliamentarian M. H. M. Navavi, Puttalam Additional District Secretary M. M. T. M. Athukorala, Puttalam Divisional Secretary Sanjeewani Herath, Puttalam SP J. A. Chandrasena, Puttalam district religious leaders, public and private officers, non-governmental organization heads and other officials participated.

Such an event was organised to change the perceptions of people of other religions about Islam and on Islamic lifestyle. It was also to explain about what happens inside the Masjids, to explain to others that people can go inside the Masjids at any time without barriers. Through this, the organizing committee expects to reduce the negative image on Masjids.

During the event, female visitors belonging to other religions were given shawls to cover their heads and got their hands decorated with Henna.

They were showed how to take Uloo, how Masjids are built, how to find the direction of Qibla, how to pray, the prayer times, Mimber, where the Jumma preaching is conducted, the food and dresses of Muslims, the carrier ‘Sandhook’ used to take the dead bodies to the crematory, etc.

All participants were provided with Al-Quran Sinhala translated copies and Islamic books in Sinhala.

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