Hirunika to seek FCID info on allegations against her

MP Hirunika Premachandra yesterday said she is planning to consult a lawyer to get more information from the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) with regard to the allegation levelled against her by some sections of the media claiming that she had taken Rs.20 million from the Maga Neguma account.

“Without knowing the real facts behind this allegation, I cannot take any action. But, once I find the reason for those who make such false allegations, I will take a decision with regard to those who publicised this falsehoods,” she added.

Some electronic and print media claimed that MP Hirunika had taken Rs.20 Million from the worker’s welfare account of the contract company involved in the Maga Neguma Programme and had used it for her political activities.

MP Premachandra, while totally denying this allegation at a media briefing held at Sirikotha yesterday,said that she is not aware about the reason for making such an allegation and that she has the ability to prove these allegations wrong.

“As a young politician, I do not want to add a black mark to my political career by resorting to such cheap things. I had not even entered politics during the period of time mentioned in the allegation,” she added.

Hirunika’s name is mentioned in a bill issued for a sum of Rs. 243,000 during the said time period and she said that it is questionable as to how that amount has increased up to Rs. 20 Million.

“Though the bills claim the equipment was ordered under my name along with another name, but at least my signature was not placed on this bill,” she said. 

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