Fonseka against paying compensation to former LTTE cadres

I am not in favour of the proposal to pay compensation to former LTTE cadres, Sustainable Development, Wildlife and Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka said.

Fonseka observed that the LTTE cadres were involved in a separatist movement which was a serious violation of the Constitution.

Minister Fonseka was speaking at a press briefing at the UNP Headquarters, Sirikotha, yesterday.

“The LTTE was an organisation that took up arms against the government of Sri Lanka. It is not legal to pay compensation for such people who have violated the Constitution and are involved in anti-government acts. If there are persons, citizens, who have not been identified as culprits before the law and have been wronged, we can accommodate them,” Minister Fonseka said.

“I cannot give you an example as to what type of a person that would be. Now, if a wildlife officer dies in an elephant attack, his family shall be compensated. It is the same case when it comes to a policeman who has died in action. However, I am not in agreement with paying compensation to those who were involved in anti-government acts,” Minister Fonseka pointed out.

Meanwhile, when asked about the claims of a caretaker government, Minister Fonseka said that the UNP does not need a caretaker government.

“These are the agendas of the same people who brought in a No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister. If they are going to set up a caretaker government, they will only have the Joint Opposition to rely on. All other political parties were and are against a Rajapaksa rule. I am sure they will not support a caretaker government,” he pointed out.

Asked about a decision to increase the pension of former Parliamentarians, Minister Fonseka observed that if such an increase is granted, it should be applicable for all the government pensioners, not just the MPs.

Asked about the recent elephant deaths caused due to train-elephant collisions, Minister Fonseka observed that the Wildlife Department is working closely with the Railway Department to find solutions to the matter. Asked about the delay in brining persons who are alleged to have pmisuded public funds, Minister Fonseka said that there seems to be certain instances where strong political influencing stopped justice being done to some of those persons.


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