Crime solving rate highest in North

The Northern Province has the highest rate of crime resolving in comparison to the rest of the country, Northern Province Senior DIG Roshan Fernando said.

He said last year the crime resolving rate in the Northern Province was 82%, while this year so far 77% of the crimes in the North have been resolved.

“Police in the Northern Province arrested 56 suspects in relation to gang violence in the Northern Province this year and produced before court. Of them, 42 had been released on bail while 14 of those arrested are still in custody,” he said.

This was said in response to a query made by the Daily News about the gang violence being reported in the North and the recent claim by the Commander Northern Security Forces Headquarters that if given the opportunity, the army would be able to put an end to the criminal gang known as ‘Aava Group’ which is operating in Jaffna, within two days.

This statement has been interpreted by some as the inability of the police to control these gangs.

However, refuting these allegations, the Jaffna Senior DIG said there are 53 police stations in the North and of them, the gang violence is being reported in only four police areas. They are in Jaffna, Kopai, Chunnakam and Manipai Police divisions.

Senior DIG Fernando assured that there have not been any murders committed by the Awa gang members and most of these clashes are between the members of the Awa gang and the Dhanu Rock faction that had left the Awa gang and formed their own gang.

Denying reports that these gangs were terrorising the residents of the North, the Senior DIG said that these attacks are mostly retaliatory attacks between these two gang members.

“We are continuing these operations to control gang violence in the North while engaging in other normal duties as well. These are not big incidents, but they would not be ignored and will be dealt with. There are far more serious incidents being reported from other areas of the country in comparison to the incidents in the North,” he added. According to the Senior DIG, even the recent robbery, which is considered the biggest robbery in the North to date, has been resolved and those responsible have been taken into custody. “Those involved in the robbery at a finance company in Chavakachcheri were arrested.

The investigations were carried out immediately and it was revealed that the cashier of the same finance company had planned this robbery together with several others,” he said, adding that measures are also being taken to curb the drug operations in the North. However, he noted that there was no need to be alarmed about these incidents as these issues have been brought under control by the Police assuring that there is no threat to civilians or visitors in the North. 

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