Amaraweera debunks Caretaker Government

Agriculture Minister Mahinda Amaraweera yesterday debunked the idea of a Caretaker Government arrangement noting that it was a deliberate lie to mislead the public and create political instability.

“Formation of a Caretaker Government has become a hot topic these days. But we have no idea about who is spreading this lie. A new government could only be formed after an election and not by conspiring,” he added.

United People’s Freedom Alliance General Secretary Amaraweera said there was no discussion between the UPFA and the Joint Opposition(JO) group about such an arrangement as reported by some media and added that the Unity Government will complete its full term.

Minister Amaraweera further said that both the Presidential election and the Parliamentary election after that will be held on time and there will not be any changes in the government before that.

Meanwhile, State Minister Ajith P. Perera shot down rumours of a possible Caretaker Government being formed noting they were canards to create political instability.

Perera said these rumours are being spread by some Joint Opposition members facing charges of corruption and malpractices to divert the attention of the people.

He said these JO members were also targeting the country’s economy and were trying to scuttle foreign investments.

He also questioned as to how the JO will muster a majority in Parliament and added even the other opposition parties will not support the JO to form a caretaker government, win a No-Confidence Motion or defeat the budget. 

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