Akila tells teachers: Enhance knowledge to suit present day needs

Education Minister Akila Viraj Kariyawasam urged teachers to become professionals by enhancing their knowledge to suit the present day needs.

The Minister said so while addressing the Guru Prathbha Prabha 2018,teacher felicitation ceremony at the BMICH yesterday.

The Guru Prathbha Prabha felicitation ceremony is organised annually by the Education Ministry in line with World Teachers’ Day celebrations, at which 384 teachers and principals were felicitated for their unique and dedicated service.

Minister Kariyawasam added that the world knowledge doubles every 13 months. Therefore, the teachers are duty bound to upgrade and update their knowledge accordingly. Otherwise, they will not be able to keep abreast with the ever changing world.

“In the 1900s, it took 100 years to double the world knowledge and in the 1940s, it took 25 years. But, now the knowledge in the world doubles every 13 months,” he said.

The Minister emphasised the need for teachers to upgrade their knowledge to become professionals. The Education Ministry has taken a number of measures to help teachers advance their knowledge.

“Teachers should be professionals by gaining more knowledge and improving their existing knowledge. Within the next three years, you should become professionals by gaining more knowledge. It is a challengeable task,” Minister Kariyawasam noted. “You teachers should enrich yourselves with knowledge,” he added.

The Minister added that teachers are responsible in guiding the children and making them responsible citizens,” he added.

“Passing examinations is not sufficient, if a student cannot be a valuable person to the country and the world,” the Minister said.

Minister Kariyawasam said whatever the examination, it measures the knowledge of a candidate. You cannot judge the goodness or value of a student just by the success at an examination. We need students with humane qualities who care for their fellow beings.

“You should try to become a better teacher, whose name will always be etched in the hearts of the students. The names of good teachers, who guided us on the correct path will always remain in our hearts,” he said.

He added that all education sector vacancies will be filled by December 31 this year.

“Applications will be called for principal and teacher vacancies in due course. Accordingly, all teacher vacancies in National Schools will be filled shortly. Applications are to be called for 400 officer vacancies in the Sri Lanka Education Administrative Service.

Besides, 1,000 recruits will be made to the Teacher Educationist service,” the Minister noted.

“It is planned to fill all vacancies by December 31st this year,” the Minister added. 

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