‘Hajj demonstrates the unity of humankind’

The Hajj Pilgrimage culminates the true sacrifices demonstrated by Muslims all over the world. It gives me great pleasure to send my sincere Hajj greetings to all my fellow Sri Lankan Muslim brethren, who engaged in prayers and special rituals to mark this global gathering” Post and Postal Services and Muslim Religious Affairs Minister M.H.A.Haleem said in His Hajj Festival message.

“Millions of muslim devotees of world are gathered into a single area in Mecca, with a same devoutness for the Hajj, which demonstrates the unity of humankind. This religious festival disseminates a message about the importance of the social co-existence to the global community.

“It signifies an important milestone in the spiritual life of every Muslim.Islam teaches its followers to cast aside petty differences and to live in harmony with one another.

"This isan excellent example for us all, a powerful inspiration that is so relevant for the timeswe live in.

“The Hajj Festival is a sacred occasion for the Muslim community as they come together to worship and engage in a pilgrimage that marks the most important part of our religious journey.

“I wish all my Muslim brethren in Sri Lanka and all over the world to have a blessed EidAdha!


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