‘Intelligence is important in combating organised crimes’

Once you become a President’s Counsel, you should have some ethics. Such a person should not appear for a drug addict or z drug smuggler. When the PC appears, he brings up some technical problem or evidence gathering problem and the case is dismissed. This is one of the main problems that law enforcement officers face, Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Ravindra Wijegunawardena said.

He said he had spoken even to the President in this regard.

He was speaking at a seminar on organised crimes held at the BCIS,

“The big drug offenders are still at large and intelligence is an important factor in combating organised crimes and the offenders cannot be arrested without proper intelligence,” he said.

Referring to the incident where an Iranian trawler with over 100 kg of heroin was caught, he said the offender should have been given the death penalty because anyone caught with even 2mg of heroin gets the death penalty. But the case is still going on,” he said.

“When we started the special forces in the Navy, they said the navy was going to get killed. When we knew that the LTTE is bringing arms and ammunition on ships, renowned researchers said the Sri Lanka Navy does not have a single officer who can trace the LTTE network. But as in the Pandora Box, there was something at the bottom and we hoped for the best,” he said.

The Chief of Defence Staff said that in Sri Lanka, possession of 2mg or more of heroin warrants the death penalty. “Under these circumstances, we can assure that over 20,000 would have to face the death penalty,” he said. 


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