Opposition Leader R.Sampanthan noted that the no-confidence motion against the Prime Minister does not reveal anything specific against the prime minister. “The true intentions of the SLPP is shrouded  in an environment of prejudice based upon the bond scam.

We cannot fall victim to such acts and allow ourselves to be used to achieve their political objectives,”Sampanthan said, adding that in the interest of this country they have to work together in a spirit of cooperation.

“With regard to the Central Bank bond scam, consequent to investigations two persons are in custody and a warrant is issued against a third person and investigations are one should be spared and the rule of law should be implemented irrespective of who they are.

The motion of no confidence seeks to implicate the prime minister with the bond scam. Statements of actions of a general nature are thought to be used in an attempt to implicate the prime minister with the bond scam. The wording of the motion and the timing of the motion are indicative of a pursuit of a political agenda through the motion rather than fixing responsibility with regard to the bond scam. The question must be raised as to why the wording is so weak lacking in any specific charge against the prime minister pertaining to the band scam per say. Why should this motion be brought now?” he asked.

The Opposition leader said the wording of the NCM is too loose and too general in nature. “It could be that the Prime Minister is facing this situation because of the confidence he placed in someone who betrayed him. Where is the evidence or charge against the Prime Minister of involvement in the bond scam per say? Is the wording of the NCM so loose and so general because of the lack of specific material against the Prime Minister in regard to the bond scam? If that is so, in my submission the motion lacks credibility.”

With regard to the timing of the motion, Sampanthan said that this bond scam occurred three years ago and it has been the subject of public focus for a long time and why has this NCM brought against the PM only now?



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