Catholic Church is totally against abortion - Malcom Cardinal Ranjith

Every unborn child has a potential to be a saint and the Catholic Church is totally against abortion under any circumstances," Archbishop of Colombo His Eminence Malcom Cardinal Ranjith

The Archbishop gave these remarks at an awareness program in legalising abortion in Sri Lanka organised by the Sri Lanka Catholic Doctors Association.

"We cannot be diplomatic when it comes to the topic of abortion. The Catholic Church is firmly against it. We have to find ways to solve this issue and as I see it, adoption is the best alternative," the Cardinal said.

"Some media outlets advertise the adoption of animals and its a pity that we dont at least try to do the same for babies," he further said.

Rt.Rev.Dr.Emmanuel Fernando spoke on the christrian moral theology relating to abortion and Rev.Fr.Dilan Fernando linked abortion with the philosophical teachings of the Catholic Church.

Specialist doctor Dr.Maxie Fernandopulle and Specialist Gynaecologist Dr.Romanie Fernando also addressed the gathering held at Caritas Sri Lanka.

"Life begins at conception. Conception is the instance where the sperm reaches the fallopian tube of a woman and from that instance a new human beign comes into existence. Aborting it would be the same as murder," Dr.Fernandopulle said.

"Around 1,000 abortions are done in Sri Lanka per day," Dr.Fernandopulle said.

Dr.Romanie Fernando stressed the importance of Christian participation in voicing against abortion.

She further explained the recent developments of the field in an international scale.

Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith concluded the proceedings by quoting Psalms 139 from the Holy Bible.

"This passage shows the strong connection between a mother and an unborn child which is the ultimate relationship between any two individuals," the Cardinal added. 

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