Call to protect free education system

The Government is now trying its best to tarnish the international recognition won by the ‘Sir John Kotelawala Defence University and destroy this reputed state institution along with the country’s free education system, State Medical Students’ Parents’ Union Media Spokesman Wasantha Alwis said.

Addressing a press conference at the Organisation of Professionals Association (OPA) in Colombo yesterday,Alwis alleged the Government has already handed over the task of privatising Sri Lanka’s free education system to seven Armed Forces officils.

“The Armed Forces are there to safeguard the country and not to privatise free education, Alwis said.

According to Alwis, the proposed ‘Sir John Kotelawala Defence University Act (drafted in 2017)’ to be introduced in Parliament soon ​will completely destroy the future of our children.

“It would give power to accept any low quality degree offered by any low quality university/institution in the world, such as, SAITM which is illegal and fraudulent,”he alleged.

“It also overpowers the Sri Lanka Medical Council and similar professional regulatory bodies,” Alwis added.

“The Government should not use helpless SAITM students to privatise Sri Lanka’s free education system. The Government should direct SAITM students to recognised foreign universities if possible to solve the issue. The authorities should take over SAITM or hand over its properties to the proposed State Medical Faculty of the Moratuwa University. Otherwise, the parents union will join hands with all other anti SAITM and anti Government organisations and launch an island wide campaign,” he added. 

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