NWDSB warns of water scarcity in Anuradhapura

The National Water supply and Drainage Board (NWDSB) warns of water scarcity in the Anuradhapura district if rains are not experienced at the start of the 2018 Yala season.

The North Central Province NWSDB maintains the main drinking water sources in the Anuradhapura district including Nuwara Wewa, Tisa Wewa, Thuruwila, Kala Wewa, Nallachchiya, Galnewa, Eppawala tanks, Malwathu Oya and Anuradhapura East, North, South and Nachchaduwa, Anuradhapura sacred city, Kekirawa, Ihalagama, Thambuttegama, Eppala and Thanthirimale water schemes.

Nuwara Wewa can store 36,050 acre-feet of water and now it has only 9,500 acre-feet. Therefore, the volume of water it provides for drinking purposes will enough only for 85 days.

Thuruvila tank can supply water only for 70 days ahead. Residents of the Anuradhapura sacred city are provided drinking water from the Tisa Wewa now it contains only 770 acre-feet of water. It is adequate tonly for 20 days.

Nallachchiya, Kala Wewa, Galnewa, Eppawala tanks and the Malwathu Oya will provide water onl.y for 80 days if the area does not receive sufficient rainfall within next two, thee weeks.

The NCP NWSDB maintains 20 water schemes in the districts for a population of 406,930. The water connections that were provided so far are 81,385. The NCP NWSDB water supply programme includes 284 community water supply schemes and their water have decreased due to the drought.

There are 360 reverse-osmosis water filter machines established in the Anuradhapura district. These machines provides potable water for 246,500 families.About 50 water filter machines are not functioning, sources said. 

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