Lankan Muslims in Japan praise President’s efforts to strengthen ethnic harmony

A group of representatives of the Sri Lankan Muslim community living in Japan called on President Maithripala Sirisena at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo yesterday. Picture by Sudath Silva

Representatives of the Sri Lankan Muslim community living in Japan said they highly appreciate the untiring efforts of President Maithripala Sirisena and the government to strengthen ethnic harmony.

They said so, when some representatives of the Sri Lankan Muslims living in Japan, called on the President, who is on a state visit in Japan, at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo yesterday.

The representatives noted that eventhough certain persons level baseless allegations against the President over the recent incidents that took place in the Kandy area. Muslim people in Japan never consider it as a communal clash.

The representatives added that the Sri Lankan Muslim community living in Japan is with the President in his effort to strengthen ethnic harmony. Besides, they highly appreciated President Sirisena’s and the Government’s efforts to ceate a cordial rapport among various communities and strengthen peace.

The President while talking on the recent incidents in Kandy said that it was the work of a group of people with vested intersts, who want to create chaos.

The President while highly condemning the Kandy unrest said that it was regrettable when the government is taking all measures to strengthen peace and ethnic harmony.

The Muslim representatives said that they wished to build a peaceful and brotherly environment in the country in which everyone can live in peace and harmony.

They added that the acts of certain bankrupt politicians was the cause for such incidents.


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