Infertility medicine has not been developed: Medical professionals


A medicine to cause temporary infertility has not been developed yet, the undersigned medical professionals said today.

They said this at a media briefing held to clarify the myths pertaining ‘infertility pills’ in Colombo.

 ‘Fertility in males and females is influenced by many factors. Medical drugs are only one factor which can potentially affect fertility’ the medical professionals explained.

‘Male fertility depends on the presence of adequate number of active spermatozoa which are normal in structure and function in seminal fluid’.

‘When either the number of spermatozoa are reduced, or their function and mobility are impaired the ability to impregnate a woman is reduced and it results in sub-fertility (difficulty in conceiving a child).

Furthermore they said that similar factors may affect the fertility of a woman.

The medical professionals said that Pharmaceutical industry have been searching for a medical drug which can cause temporary infertility so that it can be used as a male contraceptive agent, similar to oral contraceptive tablets taken by women to prevent pregnancies.

‘And such a medicine has not been developed yet’, the medical professionals emphasized.

‘However, some medicines used for other purposes may reduce the sperm count in men, or affect fertility in women as a side effect of their use. Such a reduction in fertility by these drugs can be reversed in most instances’ they added.

These drugs can only be obtained with a valid prescription from a registered doctor.

Furthermore, a single dose or a few doses of these medications are not adequate to cause significant changes in sperm counts or sperm function.

In essence, there are currently no easily available drugs or compounds in western medical practice which can significantly affect fertility, they said.  

The medical professionals added that there aren’t any documented instances of the use of such drugs aimed at reducing fertility in the population anywhere in the world.

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