Gampola schoolgirl died of brain artery burst: JMO

Bursting an artery in the brain caused the death of the 15-year-old schoolgirl of Gampola who died on Friday after complaining of a headache, Judicial Medical Officer at the Gampola Hospital said following a post mortem examination.

The girl who complained of a headache had later fainted near the dancing room of the school at Atabage, Gampola. She had died upon admission to the Gampola Hospital.

The JMO after the post mortem said that one artery of the girl’s brain was abnormally small, a defect she had carried since birth.

The schoolgirl identified as Madhubashini Buddhika Liyanage was a resident of Millagahatanna, Panwilathanna. A medical officer at the Gampola Hospital said the Udagama Rural Hospital where the child was first admitted did not have even basic facilities.

He said the child’s life may have been saved if the rural hospital had adequate facilities. The child was transported from the rural hospital to the Gampola Hospital in a three wheeler as the ambulance at the former had no driver and it was not in a running condition.

Investigations are continuing.

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