Gampaha police intervenes to settle issue, girl’s mother fails to turn up


The alleged expulsion of a girl suspected to be HIV+ from her school has once again drawn much public outrage and criticism, mostly on public officials and on the school for not being supportive of a studious student despite the false accusations.

The Grade 5, school girl who was studying at the Gampaha-Ganemulla Kudabollatha Sri Sumangala Vidyalaya, was allegedly expelled from school over fears that she maybe HIV+. Her mother along with a relative staged a sit-in protest outside the Zonal Education Director’s office in Gampaha since Monday, accusing the department for their failure ensure that the school permits the child to study.

The Daily News however contacted the Zonal Director of Education, W. Mallika who emphasized that the school had not made any decisions pertaining to the student and it was the student who failed to turn up at school.

“The school has not expelled nor suspended the child. We checked with them and there have been no issues, as those suggested by the child’s mother,” the director said. “The student has not turned up in school at all. Neither have parents persuaded the child to attend school.”

The director added that the Gampaha Police also intervened in the matter and arranged for the Principal to meet with the child and her parents in the presence of police. “We requested them to come and discuss their issues and although the principal of the school turned up, the child or her mother failed to attend the meeting.”

The Director drawing empathy on the child said that that it was up to the child’s mother to realize that their efforts such as these protests would have far reaching consequences on the child’s future. “It is up to the child’s parents to realize the extent of damage their actions would have on their child.”

The Director went on to add that the child’s mother was a member of a movement for those with HIV+ and it was unclear if the mother was intentionally trying to draw public ire and attention so that they may benefit financially from the organization and its international partners.


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