Aircraft parts found at retired Air Force Officer’s house

Several used aircraft parts were found at a house of a former Air Force Officer, the Police said.

The Police Spokesman’s Office told the Daily News that the aircraft parts had been purchased by the former Officer from an auction. “He reconditions and sells such parts to students engaged in aeronautical studies,” the Police said, adding that no arrest was made in this connection.

According to reliable sources, the aircraft parts had been purchased from a private aviation operator. However, there is no evidence so far to prevent anyone from purchasing aircraft parts unless they threatens national security or are in the air.

The Air Force Spokesman said they had not been notified of the incident. Civil Aviation Director General H.M.C. Nimalsiri said the country has no definite regulations pertaining to the possession of aircraft parts.

"It is considered an offence to import aircraft parts without a licence.”

“Nobody can import, purchase or store aircraft parts without notifying and obtaining the approval of the CAA,” he said. 

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